Free Services

Although it is the need for a pregnancy test, an ultrasound, or pregnancy information that brings women to us, we try to make sure that each woman leaves our centers with her dignity restored and that she encounters someone who sincerely cares and believes in her. We continue to provide free services and information needed to foster a positive home environment for her and for her family.

All of our services are free and cover her current pregnancy, including:

  • Initial Pregnancy Test
  • Ultrasound Services
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling
  • Material Goods Assistance
  • Financial and Social Service Referrals
  • Adoption Referrals

Beyond these services, we also offer:

  • Sexual Integrity Education
  • Family Dynamics Counseling
  • Life Skills Education
  • Post-Abortion Counseling to Heal A Previous Loss

On August 1, 2019 our "Valiant Woman" ultrasound unit was found vandalized. Please click here to make  a donation towards repairs.

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