Lifesaver's Circle

Have you ever thought what it would be like to save someone's life? How many people can say that if it weren't for their action or sacrifice, another human being would have died a premature death? Now there's a way that every person can save one or more lives each year.

Every year, The Women's Centers of Greater Chicagoland saves over 1,000 children from abortion at an average cost of about $425 per child in direct counseling costs.

To recognize the people who help us save babies and who provide stable funding for our critical baby-saving work, The Women's Centers of Greater Chicagoland have established a Lifesavers' Circle. Without generous individuals providing funds to save these babies, we would be unable to accomplish our mission of saving babies from abortion. Hence, the name of this giving circle as all our donors are truly lifesavers.

You are invited to belong to the Circle, which requires a $425 a year commitment, payable in one lump sum or in monthly installments of $35. You will be the spiritual parent of a baby who will be saved from abortion.  Donate today and select "Lifesavers' Circle" as part of your one-time or recurring donation.

For more information about becoming a LifeSavers' Circle donor, contact us today.

The Women's Centers of Greater Chicagoland is a nonprofit organization that reaches out to women contemplating abortion with servies and support that affirm the dignity of life of both mother and child.



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