Mother Teresa Society

If you are looking to emulate the ultimate self-giving sacrifice in the person of our own contemporary Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, you might consider joining our Mother Teresa Society. Mother Teresa held nothing back to serve Jesus: from comforting and baptizing dying beggars in the gutters of Calcutta to confronting the President and Vice President of the United States for their support of abortion in front of a standing room-only crowd at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Now you can consider holding nothing back by donating a gift of $2,500. Although you may not be able to help at this level every year, special circumstances may allow such a gift from time to time. Be assured that your generosity will affect many lives both for now, and quite likely, for eternity. Donate today and select "Mother Teresa Society" as a one-time or recurring donation.

Pledges are not legally or morally binding. If circumstances require that you terminate or change your commitment, we understand completely. All we ask of you is a good faith effort.

For more information about becoming a Mother Teresa Society member, please contact us today.

On August 1, 2019 our "Valiant Woman" ultrasound unit was found vandalized. Please click here to make  a donation towards repairs.

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