Springfield Rally Against HB 2467 and HB 2495

The Women's Centers of Greater Chicagoland took a bus trip to the State Capitol in Springfield, IL to attend the "Vote NO on HB 2467 and HB 2495 Rally."





About the proposed bills from our friends at Illinois Right to Life:

HB 2467: Parent Notice Abortion-Repeal
- Entirely repeals the IL Parental Notification Act of 1995 which mandates that no physician could perform an abortion on a minor child until that physician has notified the child's parent, grandparent, or legal guardian 48 hours prior to performing the abortion.

HB 2495: The Reproductive Health Act
- Entirely repeals the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 and creates a fundamental right to abortion, with NO restrictions, for any reason, throughout the full nine months of pregnancy
- Allows for non doctors to do surgical abortions
- Mandates that all private health insurance plan cover abortions without any restrictions
- Repeals the Abortion Performance Refusal Act which protects hospitals, physicians, and nurses for refusing to participate in abortions in any way

 Thoughts from our Health Services Director

Illinois is failing women. Minors under 18 can't get a tattoo or body piercing without parental consent. Minors can't even receive a Tylenol at school without written consent form their parents. Yet Illinois lawmakers have decided that a minor should be able to receive the abortion pill/ and or surgical abortion procedure without the minors' parents ever knowing.

Abortion isn't safe. Women have had seizures, women have hemorrhaged, women have contracted terrible infections. Women have died. The abortion facilities in Illinois are dirty and old. Over a dozen abortion facilities in Illinois have not had a full health inspection for over 6-8 years. Many have never received any health inspections. Often when Illinois abortion facilities are inspected, they are fined and shut down. Nail salons and elevators are inspected more often than these so called "health centers."

Why are ambulatory surgical abortion facilities being treated differently than other surgical centers in Illinois? Why are lawmakers trying to protect abortionists from criminal penalties? The abortionists should be treated like all other health care providers with a medical license and if they kill or injure a patient, criminal penalties should apply if the doctor was negligent. Why are the Illinois lawmakers repealing safety nets if they are so concerned about women's health and safety? How many more women are lawmakers going to allow to be maimed or killed by abortionists in Illinois?

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